Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Notes for an MC at Missa Cantata

Although the form of Missa Cantata which is common in England and Wales is based on that of High Mass, there is another form which can served by two servers only who act much like as they would at a Low Mass, except they would generally stand for most of the Mass, rather than kneel, and they carry torch candles from the Sanctus until after Communion. They kneel when they are carrying their torch candles. There may be two, four or six torchbearers.
Prior to 1962 an indult, renewable at regular intervals, was required for the use of incense at Missa Cantata, but the rubrics of the 1962 Missal permit the use of incense at all sung Masses.
The manner of serving which follows is the usual form of Missa Cantata with incense.
1.- Procession to altar
Order of Procession:
Thurifer with thurible
2 acolytes with candles
2, 4 or 6 torchbearers without their torch candles
Any other servers
2.- Preparatory Prayers
Mc kneels on Celebrant's right on the floor and answers as at Low Mass. Acolytes and thurifer kneel at credence, other servers kneel in choir.
3.- Incensing of altar
After preparatory prayers, all stand. Mc goes to altar with celebrant and thurifer. Celebrant puts incense in thurible at centre of altar.
MC holds chasuble and accompanies celebrant for censing the altar. After altar censed Mc censes celebrant at Epistle'side with 3 double swings. Thurifer takes thurible away. During censing of the altar an acolyte, or the thurifer takes Missal from altar until celebrant has censed where it stands.
4.- Introit to Gloria
MC stands by Missal and points place for celebrant, MC recites Kyrie with celebrant. At end of said Gloria MC leads celebrant to sedilia to sit, gives him biretta and stands at sedilia, takes biretta back after final Jesu Christe and leads celebrant back to the altar. He goes back to his place beside the Missal.
5.- Collect to Alleluia/Tract
Mc stands by Missal and points places for all celebrant has to read and turns pages for him.
6.- Gospel
After the reading of the Alleluia or Tract, when the celebrant returns to the centre of the altar, MC and thurifer join him and he puts incense into the thurible.
Thurifer goes and waits in centre in front of the altar and is joined by acolytes with their candles.
MC takes Missal and changes it to Gospel side as the server does at Low Mass. Thurifer and acolytes genuflect with him and go round to Gospel side of altar and stand there.
MC takes thurible and stands by Missal. After Sequentia...etc, MC hands thurible to celebrant. After he has censed the Missal, MC returns thurible to thurifer. He turns page of Missal if required during singing of Gospel, answers Laus tibi Christe at end then censes the celebrant (3 double swings), gives thurible back to thurifer and walks back with the other servers to the front of the altar. All genuflect.
Acolytes go back to credence, thurifer to sacristy (unless there is no sermon or Credo) and Mc joins celebrant.
a.- Sermon
MC leads celebrant to place where sermon is to be preached. Mc sits for sermon.
b.- Credo
If there is no sermon, MC stands at foot of altar steps either at the front or at the Epistle side during said Credo. When celebrant has finished reciting Credo, MC leads him to sedilia to sit. He gives him his biretta, and stands at sedilia. He kneels for Et incarnatus est, etc. At Et expecto, etc MC takes celebrant's biretta and leads him back to the altar.
If no Credo, all proceeds as at 8.
8.- Offertory
MC goes to top step on Epistle side to supervise acolytes while they give the celebrant wine and water.
When celebrant goes to centre, MC and thurifer go to stand by him for incense to be put in thurible.
During the censing of the altar an acolyte, or the thurifer takes Missal from altar until celebrant has censed where it stands. MC holds chasuble and accompanies celebrant while he censes first the oblation, then the crucifix, then the altar. After altar censed MC censes celebrant at Epistle side with 3 double swings. He returns thurible to thurifer while one of the acolytes (or boyh of them) wash the celebrant's fingers as at a Low Mass.
Meanwhile MC goes to stand on the footpace by the Missal and faces the thurifer who censes him (1 double swing), then censes the acolytes (1 double swing each). In the same way he censes any other servers takes, then censes the people (3 single swings). He then takes the thurible away, leading the torchbearers to the sacristy to collect their torches.
9.- Secret to Consecration
MC stands at Missal, turns the pages and points the places for the celebrant. He answers Suscipiat Dominus, etc. Whenever the chalice is uncovered he genuflects with the celebrant.
At the Commemoration of the Living he steps back to the edge of the footpace to avoid overhearing the names of those the celebrant mentions and steps back to the Missal when the celebrant continues with the prayer.
At Hanc igitur the MC or an acolyte puts incense into the thurible ready for the Elevation.
10.- Consecration to Communion
At Qui pridie MC kneels on the edge of the footpace a little to the celebrant's left. He raises the chasuble during the elevations as at Low Mass. An acolyte rings the bell as at Low Mass and the thurifer censes the Blessed Sacrament with 3 double swings each time the bell is rung. After the last genuflection, the MC returns to his place by the Missal until Communion. The thurifer takes the thurible to the sacristy and then returns to stand at the credence with the acolytes.
At the Commemoration of the Dead the MC steps back as at the Commemoration of the Living.
11.- Communion
The MC also stands away from the altar when the celebrant receives the Sacred Host and then steps forward to genuflect with him when he uncovers the chalice. He goes away from the altar when the celebrant takes up the chalice to receive the Precious Blood and goes to the credence to get the communion plate.
He then, if he is to receive communion, goes to kneel on the edge of the footpace and is joined by any other servers who are to receive, with the exception of the torchbearers.
When all the servers have received, MC takes plate from last server to receive and leads the celebrant to any torchbearers who wish to receive and holds the communion plate under the chin of each in turn as the celebrant gives them communion. He then leads the celebrant to the altar rails and assists at the communion of the people in the same way.
After the last communicant has received, MC gives plate to celebrant and precedes him back to the altar. He kneels on the bottom step until the Blessed Sacrament has been placed in the tabernacle.
The torchbearers are then lead to the sacristy by the thurifer. They return to their places after having put away their torches.
12.- Ablutions to end of Mass
MG goes to top step on Epistle side to supervise acolytes at the Ablutions which are as at Low Mass, i.e.: first wine, then wine and water.
Acolytes return to credence. MC goes to Gospel side and changes Missal to Epistle side as at Low Mass. He finds place for Communion Verse and stands at the Missal and points the places for the celebrant.
After the Postcommunion he closes the Missal and goes to stand towards the Gospel side while the celebrant says Placeat. He kneels for the Blessing then goes to stand at the Gospel end of the altar to hold the Last Gospel card for the celebrant. He does not genuflect at Et Verbum, although everyone else does. He answers Deo gratias at end of Last Gospel and replaces the card. He goes to the sedilia to collect the celebrant's biretta.
13.- After Mass
If anything follows the Mass, such as the Salve Regina, Prayer for the Queeen (which is said only on a Sunday), or any other prayer, the Mc takes the celebrant's maniple from him before the prayer.
Finally, all genuflect - the celebrant bows only if the Blessed Sacrament is not reserved at the altar where Mass has been said - Mc gives to the celebrant his biretta and all process to the sacristy in the same order as at the start of Mass.